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Your County Surveyor is a constitutional officer of the county and is elected to a 4-year unlimited term from the county at large.

Your Wells County Surveyor oversees all section corners throughout the County. Is the technical authority on the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of all regulated or proposed open and tiled drains in Wells County. Certifies New Alcohol Beverage Permit,  Serves as a non-voting member of the Wells County Drainage Board, serves as a voting board member of the Area Planning Commission Board,  serves as voting board member of the Upper Wabash River Basin Commission, serves as voting member of the Maumee River Basin Commission.   Is a member of the Wells County GIS Committee, County Plat Review Committee, County Surveyors Association of Indiana, National Association of County Surveyors, Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Land Improvement Contractors Association, Water Resources Policy Advisory Group for Indiana Farm Bureau, Committee Member of Western Lake Erie Basin,  Member of Indiana and National Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management, Member of 2020 Legislative Committee. Mr. Hahn is a Certified Floodplain Manager(CFM).


Where are you located in the Wells County Courthouse?

We are located on the first floor, northwest end of the hall, Suite 102.

I need my property surveyed, whom do I call?

You call a Registered Land Surveyor, listed in the Yellow Pages under Surveyor. We do not do land surveying or handle line disputes.

I want a copy of my survey, where do I get one?

If the survey was recorded, the Recorder and Area Plan office may have a copy. If not, you will need to know the Survey Company that last surveyed your property and contact them.

If I want to make an appointment with the Drainage Board, what do I need to do?

Call our office and ask to be put on the agenda for the next Drainage Board meeting. Please give a brief summary of the reason for the appointment so  the Board will be prepared to address your needs.

When do I need to go before the Wells County Drainage Board?

The Drainage Board has jurisdiction over the Regulated Drains.  The following conditions require Drainage Board approval, encroachments into easements, variances from ordinances or standards, relocate or replace a drain, and all monetary actions for drains (assessments, repairs, brushing, dredging, spraying, etc.)

I do not have a ditch running through my property, why am I paying a ditch tax?

All storm water run-off eventually goes into a body of water, i.e. lakes, an underground tile, or an open ditch; a regulated drain will require periodic maintenance. Your ditch tax dollars go to a maintenance fund to pay for repairs, ditch bank spraying, logjams, cleaning, etc.

How do I petition to make a drain a regulated drain?

See IC 36-9-27-18 and 19, or call the Wells County Surveyor’s Office

I have a tile that connects to a regulated drain. Does this mean that maintaining this tile is the county’s responsibility?

No, the county is responsible for the regulated drain only. Any private tile connecting to a regulated drain tile is the responsibility of the land owner.

What do the terms “brushing” and “dredging” mean?

The terms “brushing” and “dredging” are used in the Surveyor’s Office when discussing the maintenance of regulated drains. “Brushing” is removal of trees, and small woody vegetation from the top of the bank to the flow line of the drain. Brushing occurs when the woody vegetation has become overgrown on the banks of the regulated drain and is limiting the amount of water that can flow through this channel. “Dredging” is the process of excavation excess sediment in the channel of the drain in order to increase flow and the storage capacity of the drain. These two operations are performed by contractors under the direction of the Wells County Surveyor’s Office.

Note:  You should always call Indiana Underground Location two days before you dig 1-800-382-5544, Web Site, Indiana Call Before You Dig

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