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County Commissioners

The board of County Commissioners as a body has a wide range of executive and administrative authority.

Among the most important powers are those related to:

  • Auditing and authorizing claims against the county. {IC 36-2-6-2}
  • Receiving bids and authorizing contracts.
  • Controlling, maintaining, and supervising county property including courthouses, jails, and public offices. {IC 36-2-2-24}
  • Supervising construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.
  • Exercising appointive powers including both the selection of members to fill positions on boards, commissions, committees, appointments of certain department heads.
  • Planning and implementing strategies for solid waste handling as members of solid waste district boards. {IC 13-21-3-1}
  • Exercising the county’s power of eminent domain.
  • Serving with the county surveyor, as members of the county drainage board.
  • Adopting ordinances and regulations to control the location, construction or repair of all wells within the county.

Michael K. Vanover

Commissioner District 1
District Map

4620 E 900 S
Keystone, IN  46759


Blake Gerber 

Commissioner District 2
District Map

707 S SR 201
Bluffton, IN 46714


Jeff Stringer

Commissioner District 3
District Map

4906 N 100 W
Uniondale, IN  46791

270-577-1338 (cell)

Theodore T. Storer
County Attorney

110 W. Berry St, Ste. 1100
Fort Wayne, IN  

260-426-9706 (office)



Wells County Board of Commissioners Meetings

The meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (except as noted) at 5:00 pm for each meeting in the Carnegie Annex Building 223 W Washington Street.

2 (Tues) & 16 (Tues)
5 & 20 (Tues)
4 & 18 
1 & 15
6 & 20
3 & 17
1 & 15
5 & 19
3 (Tues) & 16
7 & 21
4 & 18
2 & 16
Current Agenda

This information can also be found on the events calendar on the home page.

06/17/2024 Regular Session

Commissioners Meeting Minutes
American Rescue Plan Act

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Wells County ADA Transition Plan

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ADA Transition Plan

ADA Grievance Form

Employment Openings and Appointment Openings

The Wells County Board of Commissioners are accepting applications for a Board Appointment to:

Wells County Library Board

The appointment to this board is a 4-year term and is effective August 15, 2024 – August 15, 2028.  If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact the Wells County Auditor’s Office at 260-824-6470 for an application.  Applications can also be downloaded by going to the Commissioner or County Council page of the County Website at www.wellscounty.org.  Send completed applications to Wells County Auditor, 102 W Market St., Suite 205, Bluffton, IN 46714 or email to auditor@wellscounty.org.  Applications will be accepted through June 28, 2024.


Board Appointment Application

Wells County Exceptional Citizenship Nomination

The Wells County Board of Commissioners would like to recognize acts of exceptional citizenship by Wells County Residents on behalf of a fellow citizen or citizens. If you would like to nominate a Wells County resident for recognition of their exceptional acts of citizenship, please complete the online nomination form with as much information and detail as possible. All consideration for recognition will be done at the discretion of the Wells County Board of Commissioners.

Wells County Exceptional Citizen Nomination Form

Commissioner Appointments 2024

ADA Coordinator (1-year term):
Bobbette Studebaker

Alcoholic Beverage Commission Member (1-year term):
Janessey Kline

Area Plan Commission (1-year term):
Tim Rohr & Tyson Brooks

Board of Zoning Appeals (4-year term):
Tracy Gentis (12/31/2027) & Tyson Brooks (12/31/2024)

Chamber of Commerce Representative (1-year term):
Blake Gerber

Cemetery Board- 5 year terms:
Thomas Liby (term expires 12/31/27)
Connie Brubaker (term expires 12/31/28)
Bill Dowty (term expires 12/31/24)
Chris Pease (term expires 12/31/25)
Jerri Lehman (term expires 12/31/26)

Community Correction Advisory Board (4-year term):
Sheriff, Scott Holliday
Prosecuting Attorney, Colin Andrews
Bluffton Mayor Representative, Kyle Randall
Circuit Court Judge, Kent Kiracofe
Superior Court Judge, Andrew Antrim
DCS, Deane Holderman
Public Defender, Larry Mock
Probation Officer, Greg Werich
County Fiscal Body, Brandon Harnish
Mental Health, Kari Adams (term ending 12/31/2025)
Educational, Stacy Herrold (term ending 12/31/2027)
Ex-Offender, Andy Yergler (term ending 12/31/2026)
Victim/Victim Advocate, Laura Dalrymple (term ending 12/31/2026)
Lay Person, Blake Gerber (term ending 12/31/2027)
Lay Person, Michael K Vanover (term ending 12/31/2027)
Minority, Olimpia Gerber (term ending 12/31/2027)
Lay Person, Jeff Stringer (term ending 12/31/2024)

Community & Family Services (3-year term):
                                             (term ending 12/31/2022)

Community Plan Steering Committee (through the Project Term)
Brandon Harnish (Elected Official Appointment)
Matt Yergler (Citizen Appointment)

County Attorney (1-year term):
Ted Storer

County Engineer (1-year term):

County Highway Supervisor (1-year term):
Shawn Bonar

County IT Director (1-year term):
Roger Richardson

Courthouse Custodian (1-year term):
Bobbie Studebaker

District 3 Planning Council (1-year term):
Scott Holliday

Economic Development Representative (1-year term):
Jeff Stringer

EMA Director (1-year term):
Rick Velasquez

EMA Advisory Board (1-year term):
Michael K Vanover

EMS Board (1-year term):
Blake Gerber

Health Department Board (4-year term):
Brandon Huggins, MD (term ends 03/18/2028) Local Health Officer
Ann McNabb, RN (term ends 12/31/2027)
Tamara Troutt (term ends 12/31/2027)
Bartholomew Hott, DDS (term ends 12/31/2027)
Molly Hoag (term ends 12/31/2026)
Dr. Mary Donley, MD (term ends 12/31/2024)
Steve Bales, DVM (term ends 12/31/2024)
Christopher Esterling (term ends 12/31/2025)

Huntington City-Twp Public Library (4-year term):
Jessica Mankey (term ends 12/31/2024)
Theresa Salzano (term ends 12/31/2025)

Park Center Board (3-year term):
Taylor Vanover

Poka-Bache Connector Task Force (3-year term):
Michael Lautzenhieiser, Jr.

Property Tax Board of Appeals (1-year term):
Nathan Schrock
Ben Beer

Regional Sewer District (4-year term):
Bruce K. Stinson (term ending 12/31/2024)
Andrew Stoller (term ending 12/31/2024)

Rock Creek Conservancy (4-year term):
Jeffrey L. Prible, Director (term ends 12/31/2025)
Roger Irick (term ends 12/31/2026)
Trent Markley (term ends 12/31/2027)
Robert Mautz (term ends 12/31/2024)
Mike Schumm (term ends 12/31/2024)

Sick Bank Committee (1-year term):
Laura Dalrymple, Shari Duncan & Diana Collins

Title 6 Coordinator (1-year term):
Ted Storer

Tourism Commission:
Jeff Reed (term ending 12/31/2025)
Michelle Blount (term ending 12/31/2024)
Jonathan Winne (term ending 12/31/2024)

Veterans Officer (1-year term):
Dewey Randall

Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission (2-year term):
Douglas Sundling (term ending 12/31/2025)

Wells County Public Library (4-year term):
Matt Yergler (term ending 08/15/2025)
John Stauffer (term ending 08/16/2024)

911 Director (1-year term):
Mike Miller

E-911 Advisory Board (1 year term):
Commissioner, Michael K Vanover

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