Wells County Office Forms

Updated January 8, 2019

Representation Agreement

(Must be signed if real estate owner wants to have representation speak in his/her behalf at a meeting)

Improvement Location Permits

How To File An Improvement Location Permit
(For a shed, deck, home addition, lean to, pole barn, silo, pool, gazebo, sign, and other similar structures.)

How To File A New Home Improvement Location Permit
(For New Homes)

How To File A New Pond Improvement Location Permit
(For New Ponds)

The Property Owner or their agent must fill out the petition form answering all the required questions.
If you wish the petition to pass please answer yes to the questions.

How To File A Variance 

How To File A Special Exception

How To File An Appeal of an Administrative Decision

Road Conversion Form (Form to request having your gravel road converted to chip and seal.)

Driveway Cut Application (Form to request have drainage cross your driveway.)

Dustay Agreement