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Wells County Spray Program

The Wells County Spray program is to control trees, brush, thorns, noxious plants and invasive species from growing in and on the ditch banks so the water will flow is at it’s full capacity. This carries water away from homes, fields and businesses. The Spray Program is the most cost efficient way to maintain a ditch and to keep maintenance fees at a minimum.

The Spray Program in the County is divided into two sections sprayed every other year; the north half of the County is sprayed one year then the next year the south half of the County is sprayed. Our practice is to notify all affected landowners along the ditch to be sprayed that year.The exception to spray will be at the descretion of the Surveyor for determination.

36-9-27-33 – Describes the Seventy-five (75) foot easement of any regulated drain measuring from the top edge of each bank of an open drain and the center of any tile drain, as determined by the Surveyor.

The Spray Contractor is certified from the Indiana State Chemist and is Insured. The spray used is an “Aquatic Spray” and is State approved. Bid contracts are taken in late winter, recommended by the Surveyor, and approved by the Wells County Drainage Board. Typically spraying will begin as soon as trees are fully leaf out, as weather permits and Contractor’s schedule. The Contractor usually completes spraying by mid July to prevent full growth and to minimize crop damage.

The Surveyor does not spray a ditch that is not a regulated drain, nor the Wabash or Salamonie Rivers. The Rock Creek Ditch is sprayed by the Rock Creek Conservancy District. Joint Drains are sprayed at the descretion of the Joint Board.

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