Where do I pay my property taxes?

Property taxes and personal property taxes are paid in the Treasurer’s Office.

Where do I get a marriage license?

You will need to go to the Clerk’s Office for a marriage license.

Where do I register to vote?

Voter registration is done in the Clerk’s Office.

Where do I go for a building permit?

Please visit the Area Plan Commission for building permits.

Where do I go for property tax deductions or exemptions?

The Auditor’s Office handles property tax deductions and exemptions.

Where do I go for a deed transfer?

Deed transfers are done in the Auditor’s Office and cost $5 per parcel.

Where do I go for mortgage deductions?

First you must visit the Recorder’s Office to get information on exactly how the mortgage is recorded, then you take this information to the Auditor’s Office.

Where do I go to add or change an assumed business name?

If the business is a Sole Proprietorship or a General Partnership you should visit the Recorder’s Office for assumed business names. If the business is another type such as an LLC, you need to contact the Indiana Secretary of State.

Where can I find a property deed card?

Property deed cards are updated on March 1st of each year, but will show the current owner. They can be found online at our GIS site.

Where do I find who owns a certain piece of property?

Visit the Wells County GIS website for info on property ownership.

Where do I go for a copy of my deed or mortgage?

Deeds and mortgages are located in the Recorder’s Office. Printing these documents costs $1 per page.

Where do I go for a copy of a birth certificate?

Birth certificates are located at the Health Department, in the Courthouse Annex across from the library, at 223 W. Washington St.

You may only obtain a birth certificate for yourself or a family member, you must have proper ID and you must pay with cash, check, or money order. More info here.

Where do I find divorce decrees?

Divorce decrees are found in the Clerk’s Office.

What should I do if I'm closing or selling my business?

You must notify the Assessor’s Office if you are closing or selling a business so the assessment information can be updated properly.